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My personal journey 

It is my passion to understand what it means to come fully alive in this body as a source of beauty and mystery and move into full, free, ecstatic expression.  

My great joy is to share this with others. 

Tantra has allowed me to learn to fully live an expansive life and consciously feel into the connection to the sacred in everything and everyone - including sexuality - as part of authentic self expression. 


I am a trained Practitioner of embodied counselling, somatic sexology and Temple Arts. I have graduated from intensive international trainings in spiritual sexuality and I also have a degree in psychology and gender, and am a highly qualified therapeutic and holistic body-worker and yoga teacher.


I use clear communication, boundary setting, touch, energy expansion, breathwork, somatic (bodymind) practices to activate your ability to feel and master yourself. I will support you to expand your embodied (in-the-body) awareness and in-joyment.


Come and experience the acceptance and loving presence which has enabled dramatic shifts in people. I work consciously and intuitively, and emphasize integrity, freedom and empowerment.

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