September 7th 2019

Blue Lotus Sanctuary Auckland


3HR TALK $45 10am


Come for the morning talk for men and women only or also afternoon experiential workshop for women and couples


Saturday July 6th 2019 10am to 5pm



Do you wish to become more sensitive and responsive in your connection with other people?
Do you want to feel more deeply, and enhance your experience of life?
Are you ready to learn to cultivate and master your Life Force / Sexual Energy?

Join Kim & Jacob in this clothes-on workshop where you will get to experience and begin to master your energetic body through various ancient tantric healing techniques.

These will include Qi-Gong, Outward Consciousness Meditation, Holotropic Breathwork, a pressure point energy release technique known as External De-armouring, and Somatic Experiencing.


Saturday August 3rd 2019 10am to 5pm



Do you wish to enrich your sex life?
Are you ready to get in touch with your creativity, play and power on a deeper and juicier level? You may already feel that most of what you have been taught around intimacy and sexuality is superficial.

This workshop delivers the missing pieces of the puzzle, offering teachings and experiences that will give you a new outlook on sexuality, equip you with skills to connect you with your authentic self, and help you take your lovemaking to a new level.

Kim and Jacob have developed a programme of powerful tantric techniques including transmission training, de-armouring (energy release through pressure points), massage, meditation, dance, and transformative anger exercises.

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