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Yoni owners

I've been in a female body for a long time! And I've worked with many women and there is so much we don't know about our sexual selves. Throughout my life as a young woman I didn't know how to say no or ask for what I wanted or even to know what I wanted. It wasn't till I started to explore being held in loving presence with some beautiful sexual healers that I was able to release trauma, fear and shame and start to experience my full potential - reclaiming my sexuality for my pleasure, loving my yoni, and allowing myself to express and love myself fully.

When we feel safe and enjoy our bodies we can let go of our conditioning about appropriate feminine expression and self criticism. You will be encouraged to receive fully the transmission of your beauty and power, and expand your ability to feel and express.

YONI MAPPING & Sacred Spot

90 min coaching & 2 hour touch session


Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means divine or sacred passage/temple and refers to the entire female genitalia. To connect with your beautiful and sacred sexuality can be so healing and empowering.


We start with a talk through your intention for coming, getting to know each other a little and allowing yourself to relax and open, sharing your story so I can understand where you have come from, what you are hoping for, and you can know deeply that all of you is welcome, cherished and listened to.


There is no goal, no expectation. The session will depend on where you are at and what you want.It may be important to think about how you know your yes and no, understand your anatomy, engage with your pleasure and desire, clarify your boundaries. There will be beautiful relaxing full body massage and only then we explore the outer genitals if it feels right and perhaps inside to connect you to the wisdom held in your vagina and womb.


To encourage feeling and release I will map out points of numbness, pain or disconnection. We bring awareness and subtle release work and I am there in loving presence to create safety. In this way you may find new aliveness and sensation and connection and long held patterns, beliefs and trauma may subtly shift.


Sexuality Coaching, and Embodied Coaching where you learn to love being in your body, as you, in this life including tools for Emotional Release and giving voice to our hearts, minds, bodies and wombs.

Packages available

Understanding female sexuality and pleasure involves understanding ourselves holistically, emotionally and being able to release past events, blocked emotions and allow our innate ability to feel fullbody orgasmic energy flow through. 

A series of sessions with help with many issues, including: lack of arousal, developing your orgasmic potential, how to increase pleasure and experience more eros during sexual encounters, finding your desires and boundaries, healing past trauma.

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