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Are you ready for next level sensual experiences? Do you want to expand your sexual pleasure, explore surrender? It's great to find out what kind of sessions suits are some ideas. 


Ride the breath, massage, experience sensual pleasure and expand your orgasmicity. Using Taoist fullbody touch and different kinds of sensory stimulation.


Tantric Coaching

Learn to last longer and not slip over the edge while circulating energy and experiencing exquisite energy waves. Enter into connection with the polarities of masculine / feminine and how they influence our sexual encounters and relationships. Practice energy exchange.


Sacred Spot

Relax first with massage, pleasure and healing exploration of external and internal prostate 


Coaching and Support Sessions

A hands on coaching session can really help with issues like ejaculation control, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction and inability to connect to your own sensation or be aroused by your partner.

Sexuality Coaching including female sexuality awareness and techniques

Embodied Coaching

Emotional Release Coaching

Packages available

Learn about your own sexuality and liberate your sexual being or learn about the anatomy of a woman, how to please a woman, yoni massage (female genital massage), and love making. This will be with coaching 

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