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Glen, 38

I had an amazing session, which allowed me to be cracked open with love! Her presence and gentleness were felt from the beginning which help me fully relax. The session flowed beautifully and went to different places as the energy shifted. I felt safe and trusted her, which allowed me to surrender to my body and emotions, which lead to emotional release. I was held and seen which allowed me be vulnerable. Kim's devotion to what she does was truly felt and seen through the preparation for our session and thoughtfulness to the detail. She has created a sacred space full of love and energy. 

David, 57

'Kim is a true and loving tantra practitioner and after a session with her I find my joy of life is heightened. She has a beautiful presence, at once serene, strong and loving. While Kim's exquisite and gentle touch is a constant in each session, they are otherwise unique, guided by her powerful feminine intuition and caring nature. When I am in Kim's hands I find it hard not to be in the moment, such is the whole body sensation, pleasure and surrender. I appreciate the help Kim's work provides in being in tune with myself, others and life.'

Michael, 51

"Kim was very upfront about setting mutual boundaries and ensuring getting what I wanted out of the session.  Kim put me at ease and took it very slowly, checking in with me to ensure that I was in a good space.  The session was exactly what I was looking for and provided me with a deep sense of connection and sacredness."

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